About Me

The Budgeting Queen


Shunda T Smith aka the “Budgeting Queen” is a Tax Accountant, Bookkeeper and Budgeting Coach. She is also a Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She has 10 years of experience helping individuals resolve their tax filing needs. In her 20+ years of customer service she has worked with individuals from varies financial starting points. 

As a budgeting coach she is dedicated to helping all classes of people reach their financial goals through helping them create and maintain a budget, paying off debts and saving for their future. She will work with you to come up with the best financial plan for your needs that won’t leave you feeling too restricted. Through one-on-one coaching sessions she will help guide you down the path of financial stability.

Shunda offers tax filing and bookkeeping assistance to individuals and small businesses. She stays up to date with new tax laws and bookkeeping practices via continuing education certification courses. This allows her to file her clients’ tax forms, keep accurate books, and educate them on how to maximize their finances.

Shunda has the educational background and the personal experience to relate to where you are and the qualifications to help you reach your goals. She has bounced back from her own financial tragedies, including garnishments and credit card lawsuits. Through her own processes that she now teaches, she was able to comfortably get herself out of debt, pay all of her expenses and save money for her future.

Out of her passion for financial literacy Shunda developed several courses to teach you how to be financially responsible. Her courses will provide very necessary financial skills that will serve you a lifetime, such as how to file taxes, how to create and stick to a budget and tips on how to save for the future. She is taking to the "classroom" the foundational financial lessons she learned as a teenager from her parents who always said "Money is a tool. We tell it what to do."  She is instilling these same values in her  daughter. Shunda believes when you understand how to make money work, you can build the life you want and create a better future for you and the next generations to come.